Student Debt Harassment

Student Debt Harassment

Student Loan Debt Collectors harassing you?

Here is what you need to know. Students are defaulting on their loans in record numbers. While many factors contribute to the problem including a bad economy, schools over selling their placement rate for graduates, the fact remains that there is no end in sight for this problem.

You have a Problem– Debt collectors are frequently out of control when it comes to collecting on student loans. Since debt collectors are typically paid a commission on the money they collect, they sometimes know no bounds in terrorizing you to make you pay. Just because you owe money does not give anyone the right to bully or harass you.

We are the Solution. We can help you fight back against student loan debt collectors. We can even make them pay you money. Our services are free to you. Under the law (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act “FDCPA” or the Florida Collection Practices Act – “FCPA), the debt collector is required to pay your costs and attorneys’ fees. We have filed hundreds of these lawsuits and have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. We are nationally recognized experts in the FDCPA and are one of the nation’s top filers of FDCPA lawsuits.

Common violations of your rights under FDCPA or the MCPA (all of these are actionable by you):

1. Collectors threaten to: a. garnish your wages in an amount in excess of 15%; b. garnish your wages without telling you that you have a right to a hearing to contest the proposed garnishment or mislead you into thinking that there is nothing that you can do about it c. “Offset” (take) your federal benefits without informing you that you have a right to a hearing; d. Garnish your SSI or bank account; e. Seize your pending student loan funds

2. Collectors lie to you by: a. pretending to be a collector from Sallie Mae or a governmental agency when in fact, they collector is working for a private collection agency; b. stating that they have a judgment against you; c. are going to have you arrested;

3. Collectors calling your employer, family members, friends and references and disclose that you owe on your student loan. These are just some of the ways in which debt collectors harass and bully students. We don’t tolerate this kind of abuse of our clients. If you have been bullied by a debt collector, lets us help you. Become our client and allow us to stand up for your rights. We will get you peace in your life and money damages.